Raleigh Trash Schedule

Hello Raleighites. Below you will find Google Calendars for your specific collection day and recycling schedule.

2022 Trash & Recycling Schedules

Below are the 2022-2023 garbage, recycling, and new yard waste pickup schedules for the city of Raleigh, North Carolina. See here for help finding your collection day and color code based on your address.

🟒 Schedule A – Green

TuesdayπŸ“† Add to calendar↓.ics
WednesdayπŸ“† Add to calendar↓.ics
ThursdayπŸ“† Add to calendar↓.ics
FridayπŸ“† Add to calendar↓.ics

πŸ”΅ Schedule B – Blue

TuesdayπŸ“† Add to calendar↓.ics
WednesdayπŸ“† Add to calendar↓.ics
ThursdayπŸ“† Add to calendar↓.ics
FridayπŸ“† Add to calendar↓.ics

How to find your collection schedule

  1. Go to the Raleigh Solid Waste Services page and use the Find Your Collection Schedule lookup.
  2. Type in your home address and select the correct match from the autocompleted results.
  3. Note your collection day shown and then click the link provided to your Recycling and Yard Waste Collections Calendar.
  4. This link will either be for Schedule A (Green) or Schedule B (Blue) depending on your address.

Raleigh Trash Pickup Details

  • Garbage is collected weekly Tuesday through Friday depending on your address
  • Recycling and yard waste are collected bi-weekly on the same day as your garbage pickup
  • Recycling and yard waste alternate weeks
  • City holidays that fall on a collection day will delay pickup for that day and after for the week
  • Thanksgiving is the only holiday impacting collections for the 2022-2023 calendar year (this is accounted for in the calendars below).
    • MLK Jr. Day, President’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, and Christmas Holidays do not impact collections for this year.

Helpful Links

  1. Find your collection day ↗️
  2. Items you can recycle ↗️
  3. Recycling & Yard Waste Preparation ↗️
  4. Garbage & Recycling Cart Ordering ↗️
  5. Self-service Facilities
    1. Recycling Drop-Off Centers ↗️
    2. Wake Country Convenience Center ↗️
    3. Yard Waste Recycling Center ↗️
  6. 2022-2023 Collection Calendar PDFs
    1. Schedule A πŸ“
    2. Schedule B πŸ“


What year are these calendars for?

These schedules are for the 2022-2023 collection year that runs between July 2022 through June 2023.

Do I need to re-add the calendar for each new year?

No, the individual Google Calendar integrations remain the same each year β€” so once the following year’s calendars get released, they will appear on the same Calendar instance.

⚠️ However, if you download the .ics file version, you will need to download it again once the updates are posted near the start of the year.

What’s the color code for?

The City of Raleigh operates recycling and yard waste pickup bi-weekly. The green and blue color codes denote which weeks are recycling or yard waste for your specific address.

Does the calendar send notifications?

By default, I’ve set a single notification per week the evening before the collection day at 6 pm ET. This can be customized to your liking.

What are the calendar links?

The Google Calendar links will add these to your Google Calendar and look like:

Screenshot showing example entry when both Charlotte Trash and Recycling pickup is today.

The iCal links will download a standard .ics calendar file that you can import to any other calendar app of your choosing e.g. Apple Calendar, Outlook, etc.

What about holidays?

All City of Raleigh holiday service delays are included in the calendar and shifted by the appropriate day depending on where they land in the week πŸ‘

Why are you doing this?

I missed a few recycling weeks this year and got tired of the terrible Charlotte Waste Management website, so I made a calendar to get reminded automatically. Soon I had requests for other North Carolina cities and well here we are.